About Us

Welcome to PawsomePosts.com!

Like you, as pet owners, we love watching videos, looking at pictures, and reading news stories about dogs, cats, and animals in general.

The only problem is, unless someone else finds and shares the animal posts, we need to search multiple websites daily just to find them, which can take hours.

So we decided to start our own website dedicated to awesome animal posts, called PawsomePosts.com!

At PawsomePosts.com, we search the internet everyday for funny, cute, and interesting animal posts, and share them on our website, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ for our friends to enjoy for free.   No more searching multiple websites, or subscribing to multiple email lists, just to find great animal content!

But we don’t want to stop there….

Our hope is to create a community of friends that will share their pet and animal pictures and stories with us and other friends in the community, building new friendships along the way.  Please visit our Your Posts page to share your pet and animal stories, or reach out to us on social media via:

Facebook:  facebook.com/pawsomeposts

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Social Media Artwork by Tyler Bertrand

Thank you for visiting PawsomePosts.com and we hope you enjoy our website.